While things have been slow, they haven't been as slow as my posting would indicate. I think I'd like to just drop this project. I still enjoy our sex and things continue to be exciting, but I don't have time to document each encounter or even the good ones. Maybe if we can come up with a good way to film things that might work and save me the time to write it all down.


So.. I was thinking of buying my wife something similar for Valentines. I wasn't sure if her gift for me, was a gift for me or a gift for her or us. Like, was it something she knew I wanted or something she would like to enjoy with me. After talking with her, it seems she bought a number of items for me/her/us.

So... really not sure what to get now. It isn't at all clear what toys she likes... just dildos? vibrators? Maybe whips. She doesn't seem into clamps or cuffs or gags.

Post Reduction low

We've tried to have sex a couple time but each time we've been thwarted by her dryness. Not that she wasn't into it, but that it was morning and she hadn't kept hydrated overnight. All resulted in failure. Most of the attempts just result in me jerking off, sometimes with her, sometimes without.

Today she mentions she bought me a new toy for Valentines day. Looking forward to that. Not sure what it might be as we pretty much have one of everything... I guess.


My wife had surgery early in December and has been really drugged and out of it. She has, more recently, been in a lot of pain as the drugs wear off and undissolved surgical stitches poke at her internally and externally.

So, things have been slow. This morning, however we have it a go. We snuggled and she stroked my erect cock. Suddenly inspired, we stripped and gave it a go. I held her and she tried to get it in while we spooned. After a minute or two, it was clear it wasn’t going to happen.

So, we snuggled and cursed her being too dehydrated. Eventually she got up to shower and I asked if I should hang out and wait for her so she could sit on my face. She agreed and went to shower.

I lay waiting until she came out and climbed onto my face. Her bush has grown substantially and I really had to dig through to find what I wanted in my mouth. Once there she got into it quickly. I masturbated while I ate her out. Eventually, she came and a few strokes later I came as well.


I emerge from my shower this morning. I drape my towel over the bathroom door and step into the bedroom naked. My wife, already dressed, closes the bedroom door and comes over to me, dropping to her knees in front of me. As shes about to reach for my cock, I hear this horrible screeching sound and ask what it is.

It turned out to be the 4 yo who decided to let himself into the room. So, my blowjob was so interrupted her lips never touched my cock.

Sunday Funday

I feel like I forgot to post some. Things will be slowing down here because my wife is changing meds and going in for surgery in a week or so.

But on Sunday she sat in bed to read and I got naked and snuggled near her. Eventually she took a break from her book and lay her head on my chest. When her hand wandered lower she found I was naked and ready. Surprised, she quickly stripped and resumed snuggling with me. Her hand goes to my cock and she strokes with long strokes. Too long almost as it feels like she's pulling the skin down too much and ripping it off the head.

I gently get her to stop and roll over. I slide my hand over and grab her breast. I pull gently and move into kiss and lick and suck her nipples and breasts. While I kiss her left breast and roll the nipple around in my mouth, my left hand goes to her right breast to caress and squeeze and pull and gently pinch.

Once my hand is done with her breast, I shift my face over and kiss her other breast while my hand goes to her clit and starts working on her. She's surprisingly wet already. I work on her clit for a minute or two and she seems close to an orgasm already so I climb onto her. I slide my cock in easily and start grind in small circles while I kiss her neck and nibble at her ear.

Her hands are grabbing and pulling and scratching at me so I grab her by her wrists and hold them down. I raise them above her head and hold them both together with one of my hands and I start to fuck her hard. I use my other hand to abuse her a bit. I scratch her thigh, pinch her nipple and occasionally to support me while I fuck her hard and fast with abandon. She cums quickly and I take a quick break while she recovers.

I release her and hold her while I rest. After a few breaths worth of rest, I start fucking her again but my back isn't happy. I kneel, cock still in her, and rub her clit with one hand while I deeply rub her thighs. I manage to give her another orgasm before I have to lay down. I lift a leg over my head and off to the side so I can collapse to the bed.

I lay on my side, sort of spooning, but not really very close to her. My cock is still in her and its more like sideways doggie style than spooning. I scratch her back and spank her ass, well, one cheek anyway, while I fuck her from behind. She cums one more time and I pick up the pace, cumming inside her shortly after her orgasm.

Worked Up

I had been fantasizing about being tied up and having her torture my balls and nipples and chest in general. I never told her about it but it worked me up none the less. I walked back from the train station, about 2 miles, and was hard most of the way thinking about it. Basically, I wanted some. I snuggled on her belly while she read and then pulled up her PJ top so I could kiss and suck her breast. Her breath was killing me so, I snuggled behind her and went to work waking her up and getting her ready.

My hands rubbed her thighs and back and legs and breasts. My chest was pressed her her back and my erection was firmly planted against her PJ bottoms. Once it was clear she was fully awake and kind of wanted some. I grabbed her PJs and forcefully pulled them down and off her. I pressed my cock up against her womanhood. She wasn't ready and I knew that.

I moved my hand to her clit and started her slow build up to an orgasm. I rubbed this way and that and hard and soft and around and my hand cramped up before see seemed to get close. Maybe she needed some cock to help things so I worked my cock up in there before moving back to her clit to move things along. I also add in some spankings, which were well received but didn't turn the tide.

In all, she was quite dry and the extra stimulation pushed me over the edge far too quickly. She didn't cum. I did. My cock hurt from the lack of lubrication. She snagged her vibrator and finished herself off so she could sleep.